Fifty Years On: The State of the North

Claire Hanna MP and Malachi O'Doherty. Chaired by Derek O'Connor.

Date: Sunday March 29th
Venue: dlr LexIcon, Level 4
Time: 12pm
Cost: €15 / €12
Age: Adult

In his new book Fifty Years On: The Troubles and the Struggle for Change in Northern Ireland, journalist and commentator Malachi O’Doherty charts the North’s social evolution over the past half-century. One of the essays highlights the role of women in shifting the discourse in the 80s and 90s. Of late newer faces have entered the mix, notable among them is Claire Hanna who has been active in politics for many years and already notable for her contributions to debate at Westminster. This conversation charts the changing political and social landscape of Northern Ireland and combines compelling memoir with the North as a work in progress. This event will be chaired by writer and filmmaker  Derek O'Connor.

Malachi O’Doherty is an author, journalist, political commentator and photographer. As well as two books on religion, he has written two books on the IRA, The Trouble With Guns (1998) and The Telling Year: Belfast 1972 (2007). He reflected on his rediscovery of his love of cycling in On My Own Two Wheels (2012). His unauthorised biography of Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams was published by Faber & Faber in 2017. His book Fifty Years On: The Troubles and the struggle for change in Northern Ireland is published this year by Atlantic Books.

Claire Hanna is an Irish politician from Northern Ireland. In December 2019, she was elected as Member of Parliament (MP) for Belfast South in the House of Commons. Previously, she was a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) for Belfast South from 2015 until her election to Parliament in 2019.

L - R: Claire Hanna, Malachi O'Doherty