Mountains to Sea dlr Book Festival
Mountains to Sea dlr Book Festival
Mountains to Sea dlr Book Festival

What it means for Ireland


with David McWilliams, Martina Devlin, Diarmaid Ferriter and David Murphy

Date: Wednesday March 22nd
Venue: Pavilion Theatre
Time: 6.30pm
Cost: €12 / €10 Concession
Age: Adults

Was former Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, correct when he warned that after Brexit, 'Ireland may end up as collateral damage in negotiations between London and Brussels? '

To what extent will Ireland be consulted over the status of the border? Meanwhile Gerry Adams has said that Brexit could destroy the Good Friday Agreement, because it could mean taking the North out of the European Union.

The main challenges include higher taxes on imported and exported products, and the future for the border. Are we seriously looking at the return of some sort of physical border? Can we use our special relationship and geographical proximity to the United Kingdom to, as Varoufakis recommends, 'knock some sense into both London and Brussels?'

David McWilliams is an Irish economist, writer, broadcaster and journalist.

Martina Devlin is a bestselling author and award-winning journalist.

Diarmaid Ferriter is Professor of Modern Irish History at UCD.

David Murphy is RTÉ's Business Editor.