Mountains to Sea dlr Book Festival
Mountains to Sea dlr Book Festival
Mountains to Sea dlr Book Festival

The Autobiography

with John Bowman

Date: Sunday March 26th
Venue: Pavilion Theatre
Time: 8.30pm
Cost: €15 / €12 Concession
Age: Adults

Based on his bestselling book Ireland:The Autobiography, John Bowman’s talk will draw on extensive research, including eye-witness accounts of Irish life in the past 100 years. Critically acclaimed and short-listed in the Irish Book Awards for 2016, the book includes 170 documents which capture the Ireland of 1916-2016.

Here are private letters, unpublished diaries, and cabinet papers; writings by poets, journalists, novelists, historians, economists, satirists, feminists, politicians, priests, soldiers, servants, emigrants, jailers and a spy sent by Archbishop McQuaid to a 'Teddy Boy’s' dance in 1955.

All human life is here: from the Waterford convent offering a curriculum best suited to farmer’s daughters in 1919 to the transformation of contraception from sin to civil right; from how marriages were brokered in 1930s Clare to the same-sex marriage referendum of 2015.

The event is presented by John Bowman with chosen extracts ‘voiced’ by actors, Cathy Belton, Karen Ardiff, Aonghus Óg McAnally and writer Joseph O’Connor.

This event is supported by:

The Royal Marine Hotel