m2s 2014

Crazy Hair Story Workshop


book_now With kidnaps, kooks and creepy crooks, Debbie Thomas’ first book Dead Hairy is a crazy caper of laughter, love and lice crispies. This quirky tale, full of screwballs and pitfalls, will tickle children, parents and squashy grandmas alike. Join Debbie for this fun-filled workshop, where she will take you into the madcap world of Chester the chest hair and Fernando the lovesick shrunken head. Debbie will help you invent your own terrific hero and horrific villain.

This is a great opportunity for young readers to explore the magic of stories and find inspiration and encouragement to write their own, with the help of creative writing games, drama, some wicked wigs and a very big pair of shoes!

Saturday September 8th @ 3.00-4.30pm
dead_hairyRoyal St. George Yacht Club
Age: 8-12 (Maximum participants 15)